Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

So, I don't really "do" resolutions, persay. I am not a pessimist by nature but somehow I see resolutions as doomed to fail! However, I did make a promise to myself in the recent past to make family, both my own immediate family, as well as extended and "long lost" family a priority.

In keeping with that spirit, I recently had the pleasure of reconnecting with a few of my relatives in that "long lost" aunt (who, just by seeing the resemblances, reassured me that I will, in fact, age quite beautifully), my cousin (whom I haven't seen since we were kids) and my Grandma (who is a joy)...all on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

My daughter and I only got to stay for a few days but...the warmth was certainly a welcome change for us, the sunset "pink moment" in the valley was remarkable, the beach was lovely...and the opportunity to spend time with my family, well, as the commercial says, it was priceless. My intention is to return, soon and often...and my wish for everyone is that you never forget where you came from, appreciate your past and love the people who were always there for you. Oh, and laugh a lot! :)

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Friday, January 8, 2010


These two braved the bitter cold for a fun engagement session! You can't even tell their teeth were chattering! They were eager to snuggle into each stay warm, of course! Thanks T & S!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Okay, so here are a few more images, and information, from our lovely trip to North Caicos Island, part of the British colony nation of Turks & Caicos.

We stayed in a great little condo ( right on the beach on the north side of the island in an area known as Whitby. The condos were a perfect home base, with virtually everything you could ever need to feel at home. From there, we ventured out every day, on bikes (every condo comes with two!) or our rented Jeep, to explore the islands of North and Middle Caicos!

We fixed our own meals on most days, but also discovered a nice little hideaway called the Silver Palms where Karen fixed us a really great spiny lobster dinner! ( On another evening the manager or our condo unit, Alveda, prepared for us a local specialty, a yummy conch dinner with beans and rice! And during our travels to the island of Middle Caicos, a bumpy drive over the causeway, we had a great, and entertaining, meal with the owner of Daniel's Cafe. ( Daniel, and his son Devon, proved to be very gracious and a lot of fun!

Let me just say, I could, and might, do a whole book of sky scenes...

There aren't a lot of mammals on the island...other than humans, there are plenty of dogs (and a great non-profit organization working to find homes for some of the many strays on the island... and we saw a few cats...and then there are lizards, little geckos everywhere...and crabs tucked into every hole in the brown sugary sand...and a variety of birds...flamingos and herons and pelicans and sandpipers among others.

And there are the people, who are humble and kind and helpful and really lovely...including my new friend Aaron! They live simple, but hard, lives on the island...with a great deal of pride about their culture, their spiritual beliefs and their families.

It was a really lovely trip to a very remote part of the world. I highly recommend it for your own "Bucket List" if you love adventure, sunshine and absolutely stunning skies! I can't wait to go back!