Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dory boats in Pacific City, Oregon

So, we ended up in Pacific City as we wandered along the Oregon coastline on our vacation.  We had been here before, about 23 years ago!  Happy to say that some things had changed; a great brewery, a yummy deli, a few little shops, but other things had remained the same...the town's quaintness and its reverence for its unique history. 

We happened to be there for Dory Days, a big celebration of the Dory fishing fleets that have called Pacific City home for decades.  We caught the parade on Saturday morning and it felt a little like a step back in time...cool dory boats, old fishermen, high school bands...and they still throw candy!  We ate fish tacos, three times, they were so yummy, and extended our stay a couple of nights because we fell in love with the place.

I could've watched these Dory boats come in onto the beach and push out into the surf all day, except that there were dunes to explore, tidepools to investigate, rocks to climb and beaches to wander!  I was committed to getting my kayak out into the water, one of these days, just like these dorymen, until I read about the great white sharks that loom near the Haystack Rock...pretty sure seeing one of those I would likely end up in a panic in the water! 

But, if you are ever looking for a quiet place to spend some time on the Oregon Coast...

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've been out of touch lately...just got home, late last night, from our extended wedding/vacation trip to Oregon! 

On July 11th (7-11, such an important date, and number), we celebrated the marriage of our beautiful daughter, Allison, to this handsome (and sweet) man, Stephen!  Anyone familiar with the weather in the Willamette Valley will know that rain is almost always in the forecast, so when we woke up that morning to thick, looming clouds, we all sort of took a deep breath that this outdoor wedding would be dry!  Not only was it dry (until late into the evening when the party was in full TECHNO dance mode), but it was really, really BEAUTIFUL!  She was, of course, GORGEOUS...and they both were SMILING, all night long...that truly warm and fuzzy "love you" smile that makes the corners of the eyes light up!

The INCREDIBLE photography was done by Aaron Courter, who is not only professional and thorough, but quite sweet as well!  We also had the lovely and talented Ashley Forrette help with the photography, and she set up a photobooth for us, which was SO much fun!  Please take a look at both of their pages and book them for your next event in the Portland/Willamette Valley area!  You won't be disappointed! 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day and evening so remarkably fun and memorable. 

My favorite moment...during the ceremony, when Stephen was so overcome with emotion after hearing Allison's vows that he leaned in to kiss her, and she said "Oh, no! You can't kiss me, yet!" 

For forever and a day.  I love you both.  Mom

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dandelion puffs!

I don't know the botanical name for these, I have just always known them as dandelion puffs!  You remember, as a kid, blowing on them, making a wish, trying to get them all off in one breath, and then watching all the little parachutes float away in all directions?  (All the while parents everywhere were cringing that you were spreading dandelion seeds all over the yard?!) 

Well, this was just a fun, quick experiment with focus points...the first, I focused on the interior (for those of you photogs, my aperture was 9.0), and the second, (same aperture, same exposure) just a second later, a focus on the exterior. 

We spent a beautiful couple of days camping in the Teton Canyon, on the West side of the Teton Range.  Now, home and enjoying a quiet weekend, getting ready for our youngest daughter's WEDDING, and a trip to the Oregon Coast!  It seems like just yesterday we were packing the girls up to head to the beach for a summer vacation... 

Maybe if I make a wish on a dandelion puff I can turn back time...and spend one more summer with little sand buckets and "banana suits" and kite-flying little girls?