Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things on my bulletin board.

I have had this quote pinned to my office cork board for years, almost a decade, in fact.  My mom sent it to me in an email and I promptly printed it out and stuck it up there.  I love the analogy of hungry wolves... 
My bulletin board; a constantly evolving collection of quotes, photos and things that inspire me, make me smile or challenge me, has gotten kind of crowded over the years, and, well, I'll be honest, really messy!  A few weeks ago, I cleaned it all off...and started anew.  I made stacks of things to keep in a little treasure box (re-distributing junk!) and things to get rid of...and I re-discovered this quote, stuck up there on now-yellowed paper...and re-pinned it to my clean bulletin board! 
And then tonight, by happenstance, I found it on Pinterest!  It made me happy to see it digitally!  It challenges me, inspires me and reminds me, feed the Good wolf.  :)