Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm a little bit behind in my blog posting...

...maybe even a lot behind!  Of course, those are self-imposed, completely arbitrary deadlines, but still!  It's already mid-January 2013!  And it's not as if I didn't have anything to say/add/post/discuss over the past couple of months...'cause I've always got something on my mind...!
I did, however, have a busy holiday season; lots of family, friends and travel.  And we are currently undergoing a very, very cold spell, which I am fairly certain freezes the part of my brain that makes me a productive, creative individual as I seem to be in lock down mode in those areas - choosing instead to hide away in the warmth, oftentimes to be found sitting by the fire with my kitties and books.  (I am pretty sure I could be a bear, by the way…that hibernating thing they do sounds really appealing to me!)  In any case, I hope the holidays were good to all of you and that 2013 finds you in good spirits and in good health!
I will share a few little things from the end of the year…and then I am going to re-focus on things ahead!
Speaking of little things...I, of course, HAVE to share a few pictures of Harper!!!  She turned 9 months old just after Thanksgiving...and is creeping up on the ONE YEAR mark very soon!  I did some photos with her stunning parents for their Christmas cards...these three being some of my favorites (these three people and the three pictures)!  

We were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with a big bunch of the Ryan clan in Tri-Cities, Washington!  It has always been pretty remarkable to me that the family, as big and crazy and unpredictable and diverse as we all are, manage to get along really, really well!  Of course, when there is yummy food and drinks, football and games, talks and laughter, it's hard not to have a good time!
Headed to the coast for a week in early December...have I mentioned that I love it there, any time of the year!  I even love it when it's chilly and rainy...again with the books and the fireplace...hmmm...I am starting to see a trend!
And then Allison & Stephen arrived, mid-December, to spend Christmas with us!  I love it when they come home, of course, it makes home feel more complete...and now that they are expecting, it is becoming even more exciting to see them!  On Christmas Eve we did a little impromptu maternity shoot...and let me just say, Allison makes everything look glamorous!  Even pregnancy!  She makes it look easy to be so beautiful!  :)

We spent most of our time, including Christmas day, watching Harper.  No, I mean, literally, just looking at her!  We'd all sit around in the living room, talking, watching tv, playing a game, and Harper would crawl from toy to toy and person to person and we'd all just sit there, completely mesmerized and entertained by this tiny little being...  She has no idea how captivating she is!  It was sure sweet to see her with Mike's Mom & Dad too!  I don't think Marion ever stopped smiling!  :)

Allison and Stephen headed home before New Years...Mike and I spent New Years in Jackson again (for probably the 10th time) was cold, cold, cold...but sunny and beautiful.  (I am a fair weather photographer, for sure, choosing to shoot this from the comfort of the cab of the truck with my iPhone!)

I have a few ideas for blog postings...I've been saving up, sitting by the fire, I think, so I might fill up the blog roll all at once!  I'll share some of the things I've been doing or thinking about doing or wanting to post keep an eye out!  In the meantime, enjoy the beginning of this new year...beginnings are always exciting and hopeful!