Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blogging...and gratitude.

And so I’ve begun! I’ve entered the world of blogging!

I’ve been doing portrait photography for several years now, art photography for much longer than that… I’ve had my Heart & Soul Images website up and running for just about a year now, but have been dragging my feet on setting up this blog… Call it what it is, fear of commitment! Now, I realize, I have to hold myself accountable, on a regular basis, for posting something interesting…for sharing my images, and thoughts, both professional and personal...for sharing something of myself.

What I realize, in this situation, and in life in general, is that sometimes it isn’t about doing it perfectly…but mostly about just doing it! (thanks Cindy, for that fond memory!)

My mind, and my kitchen counter, is constantly littered with to-do lists, as are most people’s…but rarely is it on our lists to go on a walk with the intention of seeing something you’ve never seen before…nor is it on our lists to read poetry for a few minutes a day, just to see where it takes us. So, as uniquely modern as this blogging thing is to me, and as commitment phobic as I appear to be, I hope that having this blog will require me to share with you something that affects you…whether that is an image or a thought…it will be something from my Heart & Soul.

Thanks for being here.



  1. Hey.... I think you did a great job stepping into the world of blogging! I just love your pictures!