Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Okay, so this entry has an audience of one...

...but, we couldn't resist...!
On my first trip to Yellowstone earlier this summer we, family members vacationing together, had a conversation about our individual childhood...our best memory, our worst memory...that kind of thing. My brother-in-law, let's call him "Shawn", recalled that all of his life he was told NO! Being the youngest of 6 kids in the family, he felt that he was constantly instructed not to do this or that, as one of his older siblings had probably already done it and it had resulted in either injury or punishment! Thus, "Shawn" recalled an insistently repressive childhood...!
Along the same line, we began to notice signs, quite literally, sign posts, here and there, recanting the now familiar phrase, seemingly to "Shawn" personally...NO! Don't touch! Do not enter! Do not park! ...Whatever it is you are thinking about doing...DON'T!
On my second Yellowstone trip this past weekend, with Mike, we had such wonderful experiences with wildlife and the beginnings of Winter (which I will post later this week)...and, we noticed reminders of "Shawn" everywhere...which inspired the following montage...

...for "Shawn"...because we love you!

(Click on it to enlarge...)

And...my personal favorite, for reasons that "Shawn" will understand...

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  1. The montage is great! However, I have to disagree with "Shawn". I don't recall him having a repressive childhood. It seems that being the youngest of 6 kids - he was allowed to do just about anything he wanted. Mom and Dad were worn out from the other 5 and didn't have it in them anymore to constantly argue with him. I am sure he got to do things at a way younger age than the older siblings ever got to do them and I am sure he got to do alot more! I could be wrong - because this older sibling was out of the house for his high school years - maybe some of the other siblings will weigh in on the matter.

    Maybe this idea that he was repressed his entire childhood is why he has spent his adult life not letting the words "can't" or "don't" get in the way of doing all the wonderful things he has done. If that is the case, then I am glad he thought he was told NO! so often!

    We love you too, "Shawn".