Thursday, April 1, 2010


...okay, so this next "assignment" is, as always, open to anyone and everyone who has a camera (yes, even the one on your phone will do!!!) and an imagination! Seriously, email me an image ( and I'll post it here! Then brag to your friends that you are a published photographer!

I'm going to call this one, PHOTOGRAPHIC EXERCISING! ...sort of a "stretching your legs" kind of assignment, designed to get you thinking, feeling, looking around you, and imagining...

It's Spring, sort of (I woke up to snow this morning!), and we are all beginning to think about what we want to look like as Summertime approaches with the dreaded Victoria's Secret swimsuit catalog judging us from the coffee table, right?! Hmmm...okay, well maybe that's just me...but certainly most of us are still shaking off the doldroms of Winter...and are in need of some physical exercising, as well as some mental exercising, right?! Okay, well I can't really help you much with the physical exercising (unless you want to join me walking my dog!)...but I can help you with the mental exercising!

Your assignment... Photograph an Emotion!

Oh, see...that's not's easy to photograph happiness, right? Maybe with a big, cheesy smile! How about sadness? A pouty child's face perhaps?! Or seriousness? Okay, so now go farther...photograph energetic...or warmth...or love. How about generosity...or forgiveness...or patience. Grief...or anxiousness...or fear? Want more of a challenge...don't use people in your photographs! Ahhhh, what?!!! Okay, well, use people if you like, but also give a thought to a human emotion translated to things too. Be creative!

Don't you love it when you feel something when you look at a photograph? I know I do! (Did you see the image I posted the other day from Benjamin about emotion!) Don't be don't have to photograph ALL of the emotions I suggested...just pick one or two, or come up with your own...think about how you can capture an emotion in a photograph...

Whether you are a portrait photographer, a nature lover who never goes anywhere without a camera, a dog walker with a point and shoot, or a student with your cell phone in your pocket at all see the world from your own interesting perspective...and I would love to hear from you!

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