Thursday, August 19, 2010

Seattle! Pike's Place Market!

The best way to start your morning in Seattle? Head down to Pike's Place, grab a cup of Starbucks' coffee along the way or at their very first store (there are 416 Starbucks in the greater Seattle metropolis!), and find this little place, the "Daily Dozen Doughnut Company" for a fresh batch of cinnamon donuts! (I asked them if I could move in, but, they didn't seem interested...something about profit margins plummeting...!)
Then, after a sufficient amount of fat and sugar...head to one of the many produce stands and pick out your favorite fruit (the best peach I've ever eaten...and yummy cherries...and raspberries...and, and, and...!) I said, pick your can't go wrong!
If you are lucky, this gentleman will be serenading you as you walk along the market...and the fish will be flying...and the sun will be shining all day, as it was when we visited Seattle this past weekend!

Don't forget to re-visit the market in the evening hours...

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