Monday, November 22, 2010

The view from my deck.

Hmmm.  So, yes, I's November, it's Winter...and it's Pocatello, Idaho...but seriously...

Normally, most days of the year, this view would include our pretty yard, with its wild bunnies and rolling hills, and the adjacent strip of natural landscaping which is mostly sagebrush and spruce trees...and then you'd see the street (which I constantly wish was a river)...and normally, you'd see the nature trail across the street and the park on the hillside...and you could even see the lights of town and a hint of the cityscape...

Today...this is the view from my deck.  Visibility...oh, about 20 feet!

I am starting my real estate search for somewhere...well, closer to the Equator!

In the meanwhile, the stew is bubbling, the biscuits are rising and my slippers are on!  (Okay, so that's not a bad deal either!)  I hope that wherever you are, there is warmth, of some kind.

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