Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For Mike.

About every other day my husband asks, "did you post any pictures to your blog today?"  He seems so disappointed when I say "not today!"...so, today, this post is, mostly, for him!  Hi honey!

We have a lot of images on our computer…I mean, a lot…in the 10's of thousands, easily…  Sometimes when we get home from a weekend getaway we barely have the time or energy to unpack our dirty clothes, let alone to download our memory cards…so the images sit, in wait…and they wait and wait…  The good news is, when we finally make time to review our images, it's kind of like an opportunity to live the moment all over again.  It's that "oh, I forgot about these" moments that inspires you yet again!  (And, in truth, makes you want to pack up and go once more!)

Such is the case with these…I took these on a fun day trip with our niece and nephew up to the Grand Teton Park, earlier this winter.  We did our best to dial up every animal they could think of to see…from big horn sheep to bull moose, coyotes, eagles, mountain goats, deer and plenty of elk, on and off the refuge…all in one day…and, we even threw in lunch!  We do love our backyard playground…and we love to share it with our friends! So, if you are ever in the mood for a wildlife adventure, give us a call…have empty memory cards, will travel!

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