Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Ashley and I returned safely from our adventure abroad!  While I am still in a bit of recovery mode from jet lag, thus the 2 a.m. blog post, I promise to write soon, and plenty, on the subjects of long flights, eating and learning to cook authentic Thai food, tuk tuks and other adventurous modes of transportation, earthquakes and tsunamis, finding chocolate waffles in Chiang Mai's busy Night Markets, standing in front of ancient Buddhist temples, and, mostly, affectionately, about the culture and situation of the amazing Karen people, and other ethnic tribes, of Burma.

It was an eye opening, awe inspiring, sort of out-of-body experience, to walk amongst these heroic people, the Karen villagers, who are literally fleeing for their lives on a regular basis in the jungles of Burma, their home country.  And to walk with those who are doing such great work helping them was an honor and a privilege we will never forget.  I promise to try to do it justice, to do them justice, by telling their stories, and mine.  Stay tuned.

But first, let me introduce you to this lovely young lady.  We share the same name.  I always knew I had a good name....

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