Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

Hard for me to imagine, but my Dad would be 72 years old today!  He died of cancer over 17 years ago, and, those who have lost loved ones will relate, I have missed him every day. 
Sometimes it seems like just yesterday that he was playing in a tent in the yard with his granddaughters, who called him Papa.  Or taking one of them out on an early morning trip for pancakes...or chasing one of them around the dining room in their Pittsburgh home.  And there are days when I realize how much he has missed...watching them grow, go to school, date, graduate from high school and become young adults.  He would have been so proud to watch Allison graduate from college.  And of course I thought of him on both of their wedding days, how much he would have loved seeing the beautiful women they have become.
I didn't write this post to be a I sit here in tears!  I do, however, want to remind everyone to cherish every single day you have with the people you love on this Earth.  It is so important, in our busy, list-filled, chore-driven lives, to cherish, to love and appreciate...and celebrate your life!
Happy Birthday Dad!

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  1. missing my papa, especially lately.......happy birthday!!