Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So, it's taking me awhile to get through these Africa images and journal entries!  What is that saying, "life is what happens while you are making other plans"?!  Yep, a lot of life going on here...good stuff, good life!
Since I wrote last, I've gotten to spend a lot of time with our sweet little granddaughter, Harper Jean!
She's a doll, of course, and perfect in every way...(but I am not the one getting up every two hours during the night...that 'doll' is Ashley, who is SUCH a good mommy!).

A good mommy...oh, and beautiful too!
Momma kisses!
Big eyes!

She is growing so fast it is ridiculous!  I can't wait for her little personality to develop as she starts to coo and discover her world...but I am not in a hurry because I know all too well, they don't stay little for very long!
Studying her world!
Allison came home to see her new niece!  Stephen wasn't able to get away from his studies, so we look forward to this summer when we get to have them both here for a bit...but in the meantime, we loved having Allison around!  We decided Harper got a few features from her auntie...her wrinkly forehead and her eagerness to eat!
She and Ashley surprised Allison at the airport!  Harper was supposed to wait at home, but was too eager to meet Allison! 
Allison almost immediately took Harper shopping!
Lovin' up on Harper!
We didn't do much while she was home; spent a lot of time loving on Harper, ate at Bagelry a time or two, and also ate at Sumisu (sushi), watched some Friends reruns in our jammies...!  And then on Saturday we celebrated Ashley's 25th birthday!  I don't have any idea how I could have a daughter who is 25 already...but it seems to be the case...?!  We had a few people stop by for the party too...Kelly, Shannon, Stephanie, and Grandma & Grandpa were here staying with us!  Harper's gift was the best present...a hand painted canvas just for her mommy.

The tradition...a birthday banner!
Harper loved reading all of the cards!
And then, very early Sunday morning, Allison and I headed to Boise to catch a plane to Seattle!  Planes, then trains, and then buses...we spent a few days exploring the Emerald City; shopping, eating yummy foods, wandering neighborhoods in the University area (looking for housing options for them, they are moving in August!!!), checking out Pike's Place and the Seattle Center, and walking miles and miles each day!  We had amazing weather, a lot of luck finding buses and catching trains, and a great time just hanging out together.  I miss her when she is gone and love that we have so much fun when we are together!
Our plane ride, really early morning!
Arriving at the hotel, being silly with joy!
On campus!  Can't wait until they move here!
Saw a few dressing rooms...!
And a bookstore or two...!
Donuts and coffee and fresh fruit in the morning at Pike's Place!
The needle!
On top of the needle!
Windy day!
The view from the top!
I got really lucky to have two such amazing women as daughters, and as friends!
I love them!
All three of them!
Oh, and Papa, this one is just for you...Harper's new favorite toy...it's a Husky?!
(Yes, it's also "Myla"...her real life puppy...but still...!)

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