Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Harper's first time on the Oregon Coast!

Okay, so she might actually be the cutest baby on the planet!  Well, yes, I am just a little bit biased but...she is pretty darned sweet!  And at such a fun age, nearly 4 months; discovering her world, learning to laugh and starting to babble!  Oh, I love her!

Ashley and Harper came to the coast for a whole week...and...we played in the pool, walked on the beach, climbed the dunes, sat in the sand, saw some bunnies, found heart shaped rocks and sand dollars...and gave lots of kisses!  It was fun to spend that much time with BOTH of them; just hanging out, no schedules or commitments, just fun.  I love my girls, all 3 of them (Ashley & Harper & Allison!)!

IPhone/Instagram captures! 

Harper's first walk on the beach was a chilly one!

First time her toes were in the Pacific Ocean!!!

Trying to figure out the feeling of sand in her toes!  I hope she loves it as much as I!

Momma and daughter chat!  That indented spot on the back of her neck, that's my favorite spot to kiss!

Figuring it out!

Sitting her rear in the sand.  Gonna make a water baby out of her, teach her to paddleboard with Nana!

Vogue!  LOVE those lips!!!

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