Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year in one of our favorite places, again…Jackson, Wyoming. It was frigidly cold, well into double digit negative numbers, but oh, so beautiful. The critters were mostly tucked away and not many people were venturing out into the cold, so we enjoyed a serenely quiet day amidst the grandeur of the Teton Range…watching the sun move across the sky, listening to the sound of crunching snow under our snowshoes, dancing to my own absurd songs in an effort to thwart the cold (not an easy task, by the way, dancing in snow shoes) and enjoying immensely our heated vehicle!

And there, in the calm of the sun setting upon the mountain landscape, I decided upon my resolution for the New Year…to seek and appreciate simplicity. It truly is, after all, the simplest things which give us joy in our lives…not the hustle & bustle, nor the to-do lists, nor the objects we acquire…but the purest appreciation of our own lives, the people in it, and the moments we share.

Peace, to you and yours in 2011.

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