Thursday, June 30, 2011


I remember my parents taking a "Sunday drive" every so often...and while I am certain it was their way of getting away from us teenagers for awhile, it was also their way of exploring, wandering, finding quiet hidden gems in the areas where we lived. 
My husband and I wandered a bit last Sunday, on our way home from a beautiful wedding on the North Fork of the Salmon River (Congratulations to Ryan and Ashleigh!).  We wandered, in fact, so much that we took the same road several times, up and back...not because we were lost (*ahem*) or because our GPS didn't know where the heck we were (*ahem*) but mostly because we were just wandering...!  We saw a part of our state we'd never really explored before; incredibly desolate and unusually beautiful country in North Central Idaho.  And we met some nice people who own and operate a great little gem of a hotel/cafe/store/gas station in North Fork, Idaho called the Village at North Fork.  Incidentally, they also catered the wedding and it was so yummy!
Here's hoping we all have time to wander in our lives, to discover roads less traveled, meet new people...and that we always return safely home.

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