Monday, May 7, 2012

First day on the island.

No wake up call!  Yay!  For the first time on vacation we had no place to be, nothing to pack or unpack, and no one to meet up with!  We spent the entire day at leisure...wandered up to the breakfast buffet and enjoyed a relaxing meal and caught up on my coffee drinking!  (Did I mention that I love coffee in the morning, but after realizing that trips to the bathroom, while on safari, are few and far between I had given up my morning java...?!)  Ahhh, to drink coffee again...! 
We made our way to the pool where we spent much of the day lounging and taking quick dips in the pool as the heat came on.  We walked along the sand at low tide, picked up a few shells for my collection and enjoyed our quiet day.

Those who know me can most favorite thing to do is to walk on an isolated beach.

The guests here range in age and nationalities; a couple of families with small kids, and some honeymooning couples, but primarily middle-aged couples, seeking quiet, I think!  Pretty sure we may be one of the only Americans here as the English we hear definitely has a more European accent.
We had lunch by the pool, yummy fresh fruits for me, a huge biscuit hamburger for Mike.  We got on the internet periodically, to check for messages and pictures from home!  Lyle and Sue made it home and posted sweet pictures with Makenzie which made me wanna cry all over again, but instead we decided to try again to give Ashley a call!  (We had tried last night but the lines were down.)   
It was so good to hear her exhausted, happy voice!  She was still in the hospital but likely headed home today - all was well with Harper, except, I am certain, she was wondering where her Nana and Papa were! 
We spent the rest of the day enjoying our leisurely pace...had a really lovely dinner in the dining room and got to bed pretty early as we had to be up at 7 for our tour day!

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