Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

It is snowing outside, again, still...and don't get me wrong...I do love the Christmas-time!!! This is definitely the time of year when I get a little antsy...awaiting Spring!

So, I've decided to challenge myself (and YOU, if you are willing) with some fun, experimental, weekly photography assignments...not just to pass the time while awaiting warmer days, but also to hone my (and your) skills as an a challenge to visualize things differently, creatively, uniquely. You can participate in these weekly exercises on your own and simply consider my suggestions a little creative push to get you through some of the doldrums of the in-between seasons...or, I would LOVE IT if you would participate actively in these exercises by emailing me your own photos ( ...and I will post them generously on my blog! Perhaps we'll even make a contest out of it!!! Prizes anyone?!
Let's have a little fun...!

Are you ready for your first photography assignment???

Okay, this is just a fun one...

Photograph a word!
The parameters...each photo must represent a letter (but never literally a letter!)...and the letters collectively must spell a word (more than 3 letters please, and no profanity!) Photoshop (or other software) manipulations...photograph what you SEE! Examples: have you ever noticed how many X's are on a tree? or that some doorknobs are a cool swirly S? That sometimes you see a C in the clouds? Get the picture?!
Choose a word that might tell something about yourself, or your mood, or where you are...choose items that exist naturally (rather than items that you've placed)...think outside of the box...look up or down, look at things differently...BE CREATIVE!!!
So, grab your don't need anything fancy for these assignments...just a point and shoot will do...and go see what you can find! I'd love to be able to share your photos so please email me or tag me on Facebook (Heart & Soul Images) with your own interpretations!

My intention is to do a photographic assignment weekly, so check back often...and I'll be announcing prizes soon!!!

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