Thursday, February 25, 2010

Okay folks, here's your next challenge!

Thanks to those who turned in their "assignments" and those who gave great feedback on them....and now, we are ready for a new challenge, right?! Okay...

Photograph Motion

This is another sort of open-ended, think creatively, use your WiLd imagination kind of assignment...but one in which you will need to particularly pay attention to your shutter speed when composing your image(s). What will your subject be? Do you want to show movement? Do you want to freeze motion? Blur it? All of those decisions are totally up to you, and all should involve some thought as to what you choose your shutter to you must think about your compositon, available light and your final image; what you want it to look like! (Ansel Adams used the word "previsualization" to say that you should see the image in your head, then create it using your tools.)

I can't wait to see what you can come up with...and I am going to do some "previsualizing" myself! Email me your images, as many as you like, and look for them here on my blog! Perhaps, if we get enough responses, we'll do a contest with this one?!! Tell your friends!

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