Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Photo-a-Day! ...and assignment!

The last assignment that I posted (which was largely ignored...ahem...even by me...it must be the nicer weather..?!) was a depth of field challenge! Tyler has stepped up to the challenge and turned in an example of a depth of field comparison! Yay Tyler!
The first photo, he used an f3.5 aperture setting, his shutter (shooting wide open) pretty quick at 1/500, with his focal point near the front of the truck...everything else is a little soft. And the second, he shut down his aperture to f11, resulting in a slower shutter speed of 1/50 (less light coming in), thus more depth of field (same focal point)...the background is a little bit sharper.
This is a pretty subtle example of the differences in depth of field...but photography is all about subtleties! Nice job Tyler! Thanks for doing the work! :]

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