Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo-a-Day! Depth of field assignment!

Okay, so this one has taken me awhile to get to, but finally...a comparison for our depth of field assignment. The first photo was taken with an aperture of f5.0...the second at f22...and the result is pretty clear in terms of what is sharp vs. what is soft in the photo. With macro photography (close-up), the difference is tremendous.
So, is one "better" than the other, that's a personal preference kind of thing! I kind of like soft focus in close up images as it makes it kind of creamy...but if the intent is to show detail, then a longer depth of field is a must!
Some tips with macro photography...a good macro lens is a allows you to get super close focus! A tripod is also a must with is so vital to keep your camera absolutely steady and oftentimes you are working with longer shutter speeds with up close work making it nearly impossible to hand hold. Windy days are not good days for macro work outdoors...but practicing with the flower arrangement on your kitchen counter is a great way to experiment! Macro photography can force creativity because you see things so differently when magnified! Oftentimes it becomes about shape, color and textures, almost play with it...and enjoy!

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