Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOW is the time for family photos!

I read an article a little while ago, a heart-wrenching true story, and if I can find it again I will attach the link, about procrastinating family photos.  Seems everyone has good intentions of "someday" getting a good family photo for the living room wall (and for family Christmas cards)...you know, to update the one there on the wall now, before you had kids, or when the kids were just babies!  But, as I know all too well, "someday" has a way of slipping by pretty quickly.  Someday is, in fact, pretty elusive. 
You get busy, we all do...especially as the holidays approach...and you tell yourself you'll get them done when "things slow down", when you "lose a little weight" (that's a really common one), when you grow your hair out or get your hair done, or once the yardwork is done, or, or, or, or...  In the meanwhile, the kids are growing so fast, people come and go from our lives at the blink of an eye....and time passes by so quickly. 
Whether you have little kids, big kids, or no kids...or whether your kids are the 4-legged kind...whether you are a young family or a more "seasoned" one...whether you have an extra few pounds or you wish your hair was longer or wish you still had hair!  And, whether or not you hire a professional photographer to take your family pictures...just DO IT!  Time passes by so quickly.  Preserve this time, this memory, now. 

If you'd like more information about my family portrait options (and I can customize it to suit your time and budget) give me a call or email me!  Kris @ 339-4339,  heartandsoulimages@cableone.net, http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Pocatello-ID/Heart-Soul-Images/142705035975

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  1. Kris, thank you so much! I'm calling my mom right now so she can read this and hopefully we will be booking a session in the future!