Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am certain you are ready for your next creative photography assignment...?

We're going to call this one simply "Patterns". Your assignment, photograph patterns! Patterns exist everywhere...in nature or man-made...macro or in landscapes...physical patterns or metaphorical patterns (oooh, got you thinking now, huh?!).

Keep in mind, these challenges are designed to aid you in your creative thinking...aimed at not only your skills as a photographer, but also your willingness to "look" at things differently...and to translate what you see, and how you want to express it, through the lens of your camera. In order to do that, you should be practicing your previsualization skills as well as familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of your camera.

Think before you shoot! What do you want to show...what should you leave out...is there a better angle to shoot from...how is the light affecting your image...? Lots of questions...and I certainly don't want you to lose the spontaneity that photography can often be...but I do want you to think a little about composition when creating your PATTERN IMAGES!

So...email me your images... heartandsoulimages@cableone.net And, have fun!!!

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